Welcome to the the European Carotid Surgery Trial 2 (ECST-2) website.

ECST-2 (ISRCTN 97744893) is an international randomised trial investigating the optimal treatment of patients with symptomatic or asymptomatic moderate or severe carotid stenosis at low or intermediate risk of future stroke. The trial compares the risks and benefits of treatment by modern optimized medical management alone versus the addition of immediate carotid surgery (or stenting) to optimised medical management.

The initial phase of The European Carotid Sur gery Trial 2 was funded by the N ational Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Research for Patient Benefit Programme. The trial is currently funded by the Stroke Association, UK.

This website provides information about the trial for participants in the trial, and for collaborators. If you have any questions about the trial, please feel free to contact us. Please use the navigation bar on the left to navigate around the site.

For Investigators

- download the CAR score app to perform rapid screening of symptomatic patients on your iPhone

- Click HERE to download the iOS version

- Alternatively you can click HERE to use the online version

- go to the patient management site (you will need your username and password)

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Updated: 7/12/2021