30 May 2017: 247 patients randomised at 28 Centres

11 March 2016 - Updated CAR score apps: Following the recent protocol amendment the CAR score has been amended - please ensure you are using the correct versions - 1.1.0 on Google Play and 1.1.1 on the App store, if in doubt contact us on office@ecst2.com

11 March 2016 Protocol amendment: Please ensure you are using the current protocol version (3.10 dated 11 November 2015) - Most importantly we have raised the risk threshold for eligibility for ECST2 from the current 15% to 20% 5 year risk of ipsilateral stroke. .

Investigators Meeting: The most recent Investigators' meeting took place at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on Friday 11 March 2016- our thanks to all who attended. Contact us on office@ecst2.com if you wish to attend future meetings .

3 March 2016 : 146 patients randomised at 20 Centres

15 December 2015 : The REC approved Version 3.10 of the trial protocol. You can download this version if you click on the download link on the left of this page. If you are an investigator interested in joining the trial you can also download a centre enrollment form from here. Please note this is also accompanied by new versions of the PIF, Consent form and GP letter.

7 May 2015: 81 Patients randomised into the trial and 13 Centres Enrolled.

7 May 2015: Downloadable apps now available for iPhone and Android devices for rapid screening of symptomatic patients - see downloads page.

27 May 2013: The REC approved Version 2.00 of the trial protocol.

7 December 2013: 30 Patients randomised into the trial.





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